Whilst we love to hear your praise, we also respect and value your feedback, suggestions and complaints. We’ll try our best to resolve a complaint quickly and easily and use it to help us improve our services.


In person

Chat to your trainer after class and hopefully we can resolve the issue straight away.


In writing

Fill in the enquiry form HERE or email to Please include the following details in the email:


  1. Your name, email address and daytime contact number

  2. What happened – the time and date, details of people involved and a detailed description

  3. Do you want/need this fixed? If yes, what would you suggest?

  4. Do you want a reply? If yes, how (email, phone call, meeting)


When we receive feedback or a complaint here’s how we’ll handle it:


  1. Once received, we’ll record it on a Complaint Handling Form and send you a confirmation email (unless otherwise requested) within two business days

  2. We'll then assess the situation and email you a response, hopefully containing details of how we can fix things, within five working days (we will advise you if we need more time to look into the situation)

  3. We will do all we can to resolve your complaint and record all we’ve done to do so

  4. Our records will be closed once the issue has been resolved


All feedback and complaints will be kept confidential.


If Integrate Fitness is unable to resolve the complaint, please feel free to contact the ACCC.