Hi everyone, 

Welcome to the wonderful new world of online training. Please bare with me as i navigate my way through the tech land as I am far from a tech nerd!

I will record every session and upload one session per day which will give you the opportunity to replay the video at your leisure if you were unable to attend the class in person. This will also mean that if you had to shoot off mid workout (due to kids or work etc), you can just pick up where you left off later. 

I only have limited space on the website so the classes will be updated every few days so that you always have a different workout to do. 

Please be aware that this system may change as I come up with more efficient ways to run this online business!

Happy working out!

             Wednesday 25th March - MOBILITY WORKOUT

Take a little moment to breath, stretch and strengthen! 

Please forgive the quality of recording on this video. I am working on lighting today!

Please feel free to provide any feedback.