Whether you like to workout on your own or in a group environment integrate fitness has an option for you. With a wide range of training styles from Personal Training to Group Fitness we can find the right fit for you. 


Group fitness not for you? Why not try a personal training session. Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone up, increase cardio vascular fitness or simply to live a healthier lifestyle we can help you achieve your goals. Personal training sessions are completely individualised to your goals and training style.

Personal training sessions are conducted in our private studio located in Eganstown.


Get your work colleagues, friends or family and form your own personalised group!

Not only does it save you money, small group training offers the benefits of personal training while sharing the experience with people you know and look forward to seeing at each session.

Sessions are completely tailored to your goals and training style.

Small group training sessions have a maximum of three participants.

             GROUP FITNESS 


It is our belief that people achieve more in an encouraging and fun group environment.

Why not try one of our ten weekly group fitness classes. Group training is the perfect way to maintain a healthy lifestyle while being in the company of others.


Being pregnant can cause a lot of stress on your body. Having an active "fit" pregnancy helps you manage weight gain, reduce aches and pains and help grow a healthy baby.


Concentrating on pelvic floor, functional strength and movement patterns and labour preparation, these sessions will help you prepare for the stress of childbirth and also builds the strength required to care for your bundle of joy upon his/her arrival.

Train throughout your pregnancy and beyond with our qualified pre and post natal trainer.