Here's what the Integrate Fitness community has to say



I have been trained by Beth at Integrate Fitness for two years now. I have experienced Beth's passion with her first class approach to her bootcamp group sessions and Personal Training.


You will not regret joining Beth, as she spends a lot of time making sure every workout is different, and she is continually bettering and expanding her own knowledge.

Beth has a professional but fun and energetic approach to every workout that she takes, which l love. You will not find a better trainer.


I feel healthier, happier, fitter and all round a better me when l'm doing Beth's group sessions. I also love her PT session and am about to start them again, so she can help me achieve to get even more results.


Kim Sims 


When I first started training with Integrate Fitness 12 months ago, I was overweight and unfit, feeling very tired and unhealthy.  I was attracted to the functional fitness group sessions that integrate fitness provide and was very impressed with the excellent communication skills of Beth, the Head Trainer.  Beth took the time to understand my issues and concerns, and has worked with me through both the functional fitness classes and private personal training sessions to help me achieve my fitness goals.  


Fast forward one year and I have lost weight in a sustainable way and vastly improved my fitness, strength and overall health. I love the functional fitness classes, which include boxing, core work and strength work – great total body workouts!  


Each class is different and it is a fun group of supportive and motivated ladies. I could not have asked for better trainers in Beth and her team.  Beth’s breadth of experience in the fitness industry and enthusiasm is exceptional and she has helped me change my life for the better.


Sue King


I came to integrate fitness out of shape after having had my baby. I was really worried it would be too difficult and although I had exercised in the past I felt I was back to being a beginner. The team were incredibly welcoming and kind. They spoke to me about the goals I wanted to achieve; and encouraged me on my way to reaching them.


When I first started I was unable to do any kind of core work not to mention the inability to do a star jump. Now I feel like a better version of my pre-baby self.


What I love about the classes is the warmth people have for one another. No one gets left behind. Also it’s about building strength for yourself not how slim you are. This fitness group has changed my life. I’m very grateful to the team at integrate fitness.

Sophia Lambrinakas


I have been training with Beth for a number of years now, initially starting with group training and then one on one Personal Training sessions.

Beth is knowledgeable, creative and encouraging in all sessions and in all the years I have never had the same session twice. Beth is particularly confident at adapting exercises for individual needs and I was able to continue training with Beth throughout my pregnancy as a result of her extensive knowledge and skills. She ensured that training during my pregnancy was safe, the right amount of challenging and enabled me to prepare my body for the challenge of labour and birth. Beth has exceptional communication skills and ensures she always listens to me as a client.

Post pregnancy I was able to get back into training quickly as Beth was able to adapt exercises for my post pregnancy needs and has encouraged me to continue on my fitness journey, despite the new challenges that are thrown my way.
Beth’s group sessions are fun, challenging, creative and supportive. They use a wide variety of equipment and training methods to ensure individuals get the results they are after.

I absolutely love training with Beth an could not recommend her highly enough.

Nat Kirby


I started bootcamp with Integrate Fitness in Oct 2016 overweight and under fit.  I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the other bootcampers and not really fit in.  After going a couple of times I no longer worried about that; the trainers cater for each individual person’s level of fitness and also for any injuries/concerns you might have and the group of bootcampers could not be any more welcoming and supportive.  One motto we have (along with ‘what happens at bootcamp stays at bootcamp’) is ‘start as a team, finish as a team”.


I love it so much I go as often as I can, sometimes 6 times a week.


I started personal training with Beth in Feb 2017 with a goal of being in a healthy weight range for my age and height by my 50th birthday in the Oct.  Beth not only helped me achieve that goal but also to realise that it is so much more than just being about losing weight.

I love how strong I feel, I am a lot fitter and a lot healthier than I have ever been.  

Beth takes the time to get to know you as a person and what you want to achieve with your health and fitness. She is incredibly supportive and encouraging but at the same time pushes you to go beyond what you think you’re capable of.  You’ll do a particular exercise and Beth will say, last time you did this many reps or lifted this amount of weight, she keeps track of your sessions so that you can see how far you have come and what you have achieved.


I’m often asked what I do in my PT sessions and I’ll say ‘we’ did this and ‘we’ did that because I’m not on this journey by myself, Beth is right there beside me!

Shirlene Nevill


I started coming to Beth’s Active Fit classes in May 2018 three times a week. Like every new start in life I struggled in the first months. But it was Beth’s professional approach to my injuries, adapting and modifying the exercises to better suit my body, whilst still have the same effect on the group of muscles which we are all exercising. This is why I keep coming back to classes up to this day. 

Beth’s energy and passion for her job make her classes unique and effective. I am proof of that. I have tried to get my fitness back many times in the past and end up injuring myself more than before. But with Beth beside you, you can accomplish your goal safely and with a smile.

Jacky Krunic